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Garden Plants For Fall Color Cont.

Montauk Daisy

White in the garden is always wonderful, but it seems especially so in Fall when so few plants are blooming. As with many of the Fall blooming perennials, Montauk Daisies require minimal care. Cutting back the dead stakes in spring leaves a low growing green foliage. This makes it ideal for planting with Daffodils and Tulips which die back just as the Montauk begins to put up its' stalks. If cut back again in early June and a gentler cutting back in early July, the result is a three foot high plant resembling a shrub which becomes covered in white flowers in Fall. Montauks can handle full sun, but love a little afternoon shade in the South.

Japanese Anemones

Japanese Anemones are a special plant because they fill two very common voids in a garden, they bloom in the Fall and bloom in the shade. They come in a variety of rich shades of purple, pink and mauve. These should be in every southern garden, but just beware, they have a tendency to spread. It is not uncommon for gardeners to remove half of the previous year's growth each spring. They grow in just about any soil condition as long as it is not waterlogged, are shade loving and can survive considerable neglect. If the winters are severe, they appreciate being mulched.

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