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Cuttings - Easy Plant Propagation

It doesn't take a Master Gardener to propagate plants from cuttings,it isn't rocket science and it doesn't take a lot of time. What you get for just a small investment of time is free plants. Once you learn this simple propagation procedure, you will be able to add many new plants to your garden. Many people carry small scissors with them to take cutting anytime, anywhere. If you are visiting a friend's garden or just walking down the street and see an interesting plant you can easily take a cutting, take it home propagate your own plant. Of course you need to ask permission, but most people are flattered and will be more than welcome to oblige. This is also a great way to share your favorite plants with others.

This procedure takes very little special equipment or supplies and can used year round weather permitting. The cuttings will need to be sheltered from extreme heat(sun) or cold. A lot of time just keeping the cutting on a shaded porch in the summer and on a porch up against the house out of the wind in the winter will be adequate protection. In milder climes, you can take cutting of some of you favorite annuals and let them root over the winter and be ready for spring planting. 

Simple container can hold many cuttings
All you will need to begin is a container, anything will work, as you become more adept, your container will probably get bigger. Vermiculite is preferred, but any soilless medium will work. Sharp shears, water and rooting hormone. The vermiculite and rooting hormone powder are available at most places garden supplies are sold.  You will not need a lot of rooting hormone so a small bottle will do. Once you have your container setup you will find you can take a cutting and get it started in just a few minutes.

Fill your container with planting medium making sure the container has open drain holes in the bottom.  Most planting mediums are very fine so the holes on the bottom of the container will need to be covered to keep the medium from coming out. You can use shards of pottery to cover the holes and then a layer of weed fabric on top of that. Just ensure the container will drain well.

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