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Plant Propagation

It doesn't take one long after taking up gardening to learn that gardening is not cheap pastime. There is now a huge industry dedicated to furnishing the weekend gardener with plants fully in bloom to provide and instant garden. What is not promoted is the fact that there are free plants just waiting for you if you want to take the time to learn a few simple techniques. These free plants don't require a lot of time or effort, Mother Nature does most of the work.

The simplest way to get free plants is when you purchase them. If you look at a table of one gallon perennial, you will probably find several that can already be divided, which will give you one free plant. Now this isn't going to give you that instant garden, but by dividing the plant and spacing it properly, in a couple of years the plant will fill in.

Most gardeners love to get complements on their gardens and will readily give you cuttings from their most cherished plants. With one 6 inch cutting you can start about 3 plants. Many experienced gardeners carry everything with them they need to take cuttings just incase they see an unusual plant.

Every gardener needs to know plant propagation. Whether it is just growing plants from seeds or grafting a branch from one fruit tree to the root of another, plant propagation is magic. It is a fun and easy way to fill your garden with free plants.