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Composting is not a new idea, composting is how soil is made and admended in nature. Walk through any forest and kick your foot into the forest soil and you will be kicking up compost. Each year plants die, leaves fall and organic material is added to the forest floor. Over time these materials break down and add their nutrients to the soil.

Man has been composting for thousands of years. Roman Pliny the Elder (AD 23-79), author, naturalist and nphilosopher refers to compost in his writings. In early days, composting consisted of merely putting organic materials into a pile and letting them sit for a year. As populations grew, the time and space required to generate enough compost lead to better composting practices. Additional concerns with nutrients leaching out due to rain and disease producing organisms, some weeds, weed seeds and insects may not be adequately controlled slowly lead to modern composting practices.

Modern composting techniques where brought and promoted to the United States by J.I. Rodale (founder of Rodale Organic Gardening), E.E. Pfeiffer (who developed scientific practices in Biodynamic farming), Paul Keene (founder of Walnut Acres in Pennsylvania), and Scott and Helen Nearing (who inspired the back-to-land movement of the 60's). The growth of the organic movement that began to grow and spread in the 60's only affirmed the practice of composting.

This section is dedicated to current and budding  gardeners who want to to practice sustainable living. Hopefully the information included on this site will either encourage you to begin composting or push you to the level of master composter.