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Wide Row Planting Cont.

Creating wide rows

Mark off rows that are 24to 36 inches wide with string. If you are planting small seeds, broadcast them as you would for a lawn. When the plants germinate, thin aggressively. It's hard to throw away the healthy little seedlings, but keep in mind that plants that are crowded will be small and sickly. Thin repeatedly as your plants grow. When they reach an edible size, thin out the largest plants and allow the smaller ones to continue to grow. Larger seeds such as beans and squash can be carefully spaced at planting time, eliminating the need for thinning.

Do not forget to take the same care creating the path between rows as you do creating the rows. You will need enough space to work comfortably. If you use a wheel barrel or garden cart, its' width is a good starting point, just add a couple of inches for good measure. If you are growing a leafy crop that will spill over into the path consider adding and extra inch. The key here is you never want to walk on on your rows. A path is for walking, a row is for growing.

Wide row planting is not a new concept, it is tried and true. You may even remember that was how your grandfather planted his crops. If space and yield are your concerns, take a hard look at wide row gardening.

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